Ma Crush Monday: Kavi Moltz of D.S. & DURGA

Say hello to our new #MA CRUSH series!  First up is our dear friend  Kavi, half of the coveted perfume collection D.S. & DURGA. Click for more as she talks about her Brooklyn tribe and their local favorites.

What's not to admire? This gorgeous, hardworking, chic mamma splits her time between raising two city kids and collaborating with her husband David on D.S. & DURGA's vision and branding. As Co-founder & Creative Director, Kavi applies her architecture-background to the concept, design, and packaging of their small-batch perfumes and colognes. We've been groupies from the beginning (the scents are divine!) and marvel how she does it all! She took a moment to chat with us and answer #thesamethreequestions.

1. PS: Tell us a bit about what's behind your children's names:

Krishna Isadore Moltz, 4

K: My first-born's name, Krishna, is the name we chose before knowing if it was a boy or girl. Krishna, the Hindu god, has always been a very big part of my family. My husband David, though of Jewish background, also has an affinity for Krishna, because he is big into meditation and yoga. And finally, my favorite person in the world is my aunt Krishna; she's just a highly evolved being and inspires me to be a better person. So all signs pointed to Krishna (good thing it's a unisex name). Krishna's middle name is Isadore, after David's great-grandfather. In Indian tradition, your middle name is your father's first name, and not really that important. So we definitely went with David's choice for middle names. I wanted both our kids to have Indian first names because their last names are Moltz.

Coco Elsie Moltz, 2

K: Except for darling Coco, whose real name is Kaushalya. Will she ever know she's Indian with her hazel eyes, blonde hair, and western name?! Hers is the name of BOTH my grandmothers, and is basically like naming your kid Ethel or Matilda, minus the retro irony- which doesn't exist in India, so it's just straight up old-fashioned. As for Coco, we're perfumers, and the nickname is too cute. No brainer. Her middle name is Elsie, the name of David's amazing paternal grandmother.


2. PS: What are some of your local favorites?

K: Romans in Fort Greene for dinners, date nights, girls' nights, any night. We like to bring our kids there at 5 pm before we have to worry if we are bothering anyone!
We take the kids to Greenlight Bookstore on weekends a lot. They get to choose new books, which they love, but it's more for us. We get tired of reading the same books over and over every night. They're currently really into A Big Guy Took My Ball and The Gruffalo.
Junior Lowe in Brooklyn Heights has the cutest stuff for kids, but so pricey! Best for gifts.


3. PS: Would you mind sharing a SCRIBBLE? (a doodle, a recipe, a poem- anything!)

                                               a quick-fix family dinner

                                               a quick-fix family dinner

                                            Nostalgic aromas in the  '85 Diesel  candle. 

                                            Nostalgic aromas in the '85 Diesel candle. 

Brooklyn Babies. Coco, 2 + Krishna, 4. 

Brooklyn Babies. Coco, 2 + Krishna, 4. 

Thanks so much, Kavi + family! We love you guys. Follow their instagram feed here.