Nursery Tour: Christy and Hazel

Our East Coast Photo Contributor, Christy Kurtz Harmon, shows us around her daughter's playful room in the 'burbs. Click through to view Hazel's bright and bold DIY haven in Maplewood, NJ. 

Christy has 8 arms and doesn't sleep. How else would she juggle her glittering career as a photo editor/consultant, take stellar pictures, blog, raise her sweet toddler, and be the craft-queen she is? She is a master multi-tasker. New to Maplewood, (another Brooklyn jumper), she brings an independent punch to the little nursery in the pink house. YES, a PINK HOUSE! We're tickled that she took the time to turn the lens around for us. Christy takes us on the cheerful tour below.  


All photos by Christy. For more, follow the adorable family on Instagram.