Digs: Sherry and Family

There is a bursting melody in artist Sherry Beth Sack's yellow ranch house. Color pops in every corner and in between the mid-century styling, indoor tropical jungle, and her own vibrant paintings. Christy Kurtz Harmon photographs the progressive spirit of the South Orange home, including Sherry's impressive subterranean art studio.

A loud and cool sense of arrangement displays in Sherry's home- perhaps pulling from her years as a drummer in various Brooklyn and DC bands (The Turn-Offs, Apehouse, and Now We are Louder). A whisper of counter-culture restored is found in places like their digitized record collection or their family library, i.e. What is Punk children's book on her living room shelves. Sherry says that "Painting in a way, came out of DIY/punk music scene for me, because I always felt encouraged to make/do despite format training or whatever holds people back usually."  But you'll also find strategy and purpose, especially in her art, which she claims is informed by her studies of biology. Scroll below, as we tour the stylish space Sherry, her Barcelona-born husband, and their two boy's call home. 



Working primarily in acrylics and mixed media, Sacks' art is informed and inspired by her study of biology —her paintings are largely based on interpretations of fundamental biological concepts. Sacks' signature style features highly textural layers of paint each purposefully laid down and overlapped to create dynamic bursts of stratified color.

Follow Sherry's artwork on her tumblr feed or instagram.