Digs: Adrienne and Gabriel

We met Adrienne at our own Beth's shibori workshop - she was wearing a vintage kimono we couldn't ignore.  She's a woman's woman- a mama hen to her college-aged son with a strong sense of self. We loved hearing the muse-y maven talk with us about Motherhood and her uncompromised sense of style.  Check out her groovy, historic bungalow in the tree-lined neighborhood of Curtis Park in Sacramento, as shot by Celisse Muller. Imagine Leonard Cohen playing in the background on vinyl.... click for the tour. 

Adrienne, a beloved hair stylist (at Sacramento's progressive Deeda Salon concept) is known for her panache and cultured lifestyle.  The newly empty-nesting mom who describes her son as her "favorite human" creates a feminine and eclectic home that reminds us about the importance of #ME TIME. Every girl dreams of her own dressing quarter like Adrienne's! There's a lovely salute to womanhood in her space. Meet the sweet Mama-and-son duo and learn a few beauty secrets along the way...scroll for the tour. 


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